Hive or spark error

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hive spark error

FAILED: SemanticException Failed to get a spark session: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveException: Failed to create Spark client for Spark session e7509679-36bf-4bf9-973f-a091ddf0cb79


Because this problem is accidental , This exception is not thrown at the beginning . So it's been debugging all night , Finally, it is found that when the queue resource reaches 100% after , If there are no tasks in the short term, spare resources will be released and provided to the creator sparksession Use , Will cause the task to fail and throw this exception .

terms of settlement : enlarge client Connection interval ;

modify hive Configuration file for hive-site.xml

<!--Hive and Spark Connection timeout -->

Or modify the parameters on the command line ( temporary )

set hive.spark.client.server.connect.timeout=100000; 

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