What tools in spring are similar to ThreadPoolExecutor?

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tools spring similar threadpoolexecutor

Spring Which of them and ThreadPoolExecutor Similar tools ?

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What I want to emphasize is SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor,Spring Used in @Async annotation , The bottom is based on SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor To carry out the task , It's just that it's not a thread pool , It's a new thread every time . In addition, I want to emphasize that Executor Interface .Java Beginners tend to take it for granted that Executor The end class is a thread pool . We can do it in JDK Of execute See this comment on the method :

/*** Executes the given command at some time in the future. The command* may execute in a new thread, in a pooled thread, or in the calling* thread, at the discretion of the {@code Executor} implementation.*/

therefore , Its job is not to provide a thread pool interface , But to provide a “ In the future, execute orders ” The interface of . What really represents the meaning of thread pool , yes ThreadPoolExecutor class , instead of Executor Interface .

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