Where can I start if I want to learn Java? Are there any recommended books or websites?

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start want learn java recommended

Want to learn Java Where to start ? What recommended books or websites are there ?

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Start with the front end ,JAVA Engineers are also called full stack engineers , The front end is an impassable ridge , But I don't suggest you go deep , It's good to drive your interest in learning . Then start learning JAVA grammar 、 Foundation class 、 Thread class , hold JDK The main content is almost the same, and then go to learn the framework ,Spring、SpringBoot, Do some projects, practice and consolidate , Finally, read JDK Source code , All kinds of questions often asked in exams HashMap Underlying principles, etc . The recommended books are 《 In depth understanding of JAVA virtual machine 》《JAVA The art of concurrent programming 》《JAVA Multithread programming core technology 》《JAVA Program performance optimization 》.

source :《Java Developer interview treasure book 》, link :https://developer.aliyun.com/topic/download?id=7899

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