Centos6. 10 uninstall MySQL

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centos6. centos uninstall mysql

from Linux Release version Centos uninstall mysql Steps for :

1. First, check the installed programs

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa| grep -i mysql

Note that it must be written here -i This makes it case insensitive , Otherwise, you may not match any results

The operation results are as follows :

The server and client are installed here

2. Uninstall both programs

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -ev --nodeps MySQL-server
[[email protected] ~]# rpm -ev --nodeps MySQL-client

Process diagram :

No news is good news , Has been successfully unloaded .

If you are not at ease , You can check again whether the uninstallation has been successful

3. Look at some of the others that involve mysql The relevant configuration file

[[email protected] ~]# find / -name mysql

You may see a lot of results , But not all of them need to be uninstalled

Here, only those with red boxes are the files that need to be deleted , Others are other files and installation files ,  Deleted code is

[[email protected] ~]# rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
[[email protected] ~]# rm -rf /usr/lib64/mysql/

Here we are , Uninstall completed !

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