What's hive?

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Hive What is it? ?

  • reason

    because Mysql Limitation of database storage capacity , So developed Hive Data can be stored in HDFS To solve this problem .

  • brief introduction

    Hive: from Facebook Open source is used to solve massive problems Structured log Data statistics tools .

    Hive Is based on Hadoop One of the Data warehouse tools , Can be Structured data files are mapped into a table , And provide classes SQL Query function

  • The essence : take HQL Turn it into MapReduce Program

    1. Hive The processed data is stored in HDFS

    2. Hive The implementation of the underlying analysis data is MapReduce

    3. The execution program runs in Yarn On

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  • advantage

    1. Operation interface adopts class SQL grammar , Provide the ability of rapid development ( Simple 、 Easy to use ). Thus avoiding writing MapReduce, Reduce developer learning costs .
    2. Hive The advantage is to deal with big data , Support the analysis and calculation of massive data .
    3. Hive Support user-defined functions , Users can implement their own functions according to their own needs
  • shortcoming ( from HDFS Inherited from the shortcomings of

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