Introduction to springboot + Vue explanation series (the physical book of this album has been published)

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introduction springboot vue explanation series

2021 year 8 Monthly update : This album has been published as a physical book , See the end of the article .

It's been developing recently Spring Boot And Spring Cloud Distributed projects with front and back end separation , Plan to record the project code normally recorded locally 、 Notes and difficult problems are collected and published .

The blog can be summarized into three parts :Spring Boot Explain 、Vue Explain 、Spring Boot+Vue Front and rear end separation development explanation

The latest arrangement should be SpringBoot The whole family and Vue technology .

1. Educational philosophy

People who know me well should know , My teaching method is to extract a main line from the technology to be taught , So that learners can enter the door of the technology without burden , Be able to get started quickly , Use this technology for development work .

I won't go into detail on the numerous aspects of this technology API, Don't roll out every attribute 、 Each method 、 Per configuration , Because in that case , Every little technology can write a Book . in fact , these API Can be used through the search engine 、 Or official API Documentation knows .

What I hope is that learners will be guided by me , You can explore higher-level knowledge of the technology yourself , Develop ways and means of self-learning , The way to solve the problem .

2. matters needing attention

This set of tutorials has a high starting point , The target group is already able to use SSM Development of the crowd , If you don't have learners of these skills , Please learn to use it first SSM And develop at least one small project to , This is the minimum of learning this course .

The tool used by the author this time is Intelli IDEA, If there is no genuine classmate , have access to Spring The official website provides STS(Spring Tools Suite ) Tools for development , This tool is based on eclipse Kernel developed , Suitable for beginners . in addition , Development tools are similar , Which tool will not affect you to become a big cow .

After the follow-up , Maybe write SpringCloud Related posts , Friends with questions can also contact me 76523775.

3. Throughout the project

A preliminary assumption , Through one 《 Personnel management system 》 Project completion SpringBoot And template engine Thymeleaf combination , Use Bootstrap or Layui Technology makes traditional websites ( request –>controller Forward page , And Jquery Conduct ajax Communication transmission Json data ), Gradually evolved into Vue+ElementUI technology , Complete the separation of the front and rear ends SPA( Single page system ) Development and deployment .

The whole project has been designed , The interface is roughly as follows , Use Vue+Element UI Realization :
 Insert picture description here

4. Technology involved

Among them, the back-end of the technology will be SpringBoot Mainly recommend technology . In order to better benefit learners , I will compare the technology involved with the competitive technology , Or first use well-known technology to realize the first version , Then replace it with what the author thinks is better technology to realize the second edition , Such as Spring Data JPA And MyBatis,Spring Security And Shiro. The front-end template engine will start Thymeleaf Technical collocation Bootstrap UI frame , And the use of Jquery Of ajax communicate , Finally, it is transformed into Vue And ElementUI Front and rear end separation technology , Use axios Data communication .

The technologies involved are listed as follows :

  • SpringBoot
  • SpringMVC
  • Spring
  • MyBatis
  • Thymeleaf
  • Database connection pool :HikariCP
  • Spring Data JPA
  • journal :LogBack、Log4j2
  • Restful style URL,SwaggerAPI Interface document generation tool
  • Timing task :spring task,quartz
  • Redis Cache technology
  • Spring Security The security framework realizes authentication and authentication
  • Vue ElementUI Separate front and rear development
  • The front and back ends are separated, and cross domain access and JWT authentication
5. Finished article :

《SpringBoot Explain one : build SSM project +Thymeleaf+HikariCP》

《SpringBoot Explanation 2 : Evolution and application of display layer technology architecture Thymeleaf template engine 》

《SpringBoot Explanation 3 : Use Spring Data JPA Replace Mybatis frame 》

《SpringBoot Explanation 4 :Spring Data JPA Work: 》

《SpringBoot Explanation 5 : Log component Logback and Log4j2》

《SpringBoot Explain six : Timing task Spring Task and Quartz》

This album was recommended by the editor during writing , It has been published by blog viewpoint of Electronic Industry Press . The title for the 《Spring Boot+Vue Developing actual combat 》, Available on major e-commerce platforms and physical bookstores , Welcome to support .

The knowledge points of the whole chapter are integrated into the whole project , Practical development of learning for practical use
from SSM+jQuery To Spring Boot+Vue Front and rear end separation and seamless transition
appreciate Web Application system front and rear end technology 、 Three decades of development history of the architecture

Suitable for mastering SSM, At least Java Web People learn .

The book features

This book will be the most cutting-edge in current software development 、 One of the most popular Spring Boot and Vue Give a full introduction , And use throughout the project practice . Whereas Spring Boot Learning needs a certain framework Foundation , This book will use SSM The first version of the framework development project , And then replace with Spring Boot, Let readers compare and feel the use of Spring Boot The benefits of . Gradually add other common technologies in development , and Web Front end technology together to complete the traditional Web project . Then carry out front-end engineering and Vue Technical explanation of , Finally complete the project of separating the front and back-end Architecture , And deploy it online .
The project runs through
Spring Boot and Vue Represents the application technology at the highest level of current back-end development and front-end development , If it is to introduce theoretical knowledge 、 List the technologies API、 How to do small exercises for each chapter , The reader will be a spy on the leopard , Can't really master these technologies 、 And apply it to practice . If you start a project case development after learning all the knowledge , It will also give readers an overall understanding of the project function 、 Technology selection 、 Difficulties in coordinating configuration . It often takes a lot of time and energy , But in the end, it is not proportional to the harvest .
So the innovation of this book is based on Alan Personnel management system as a cross project , Integrate the technology explained in each chapter in time , Let readers fully understand what and how this technology can be used in practical projects . In order to facilitate readers to review what they have learned , The new project will not be directly modified on the original project , Instead, copy the original project , Build new projects , Cascading addition technology , Until the final version is completed . Throw away projects built to learn the technology itself ,Alan The total number of front and rear projects in the personnel management system will exceed 30 individual , For details, please refer to the following chapters of this book .
It involves a wide range of technologies
This book covers almost all common technologies in the industry , Use... On tools WebStorm and Intellij IDEA Develop the front and rear end , Front and back end project construction uses npm、Maven, utilize MySQL Store the data . After the project is developed, it will pass VMware Build the distribution as CentOS Of Linux Environmental Science , And use Nginx Deploy and run in this environment .
Back end technologies include :Spring Boot、Spring Boot Test、Spring、Spring MVC、MyBatis、JSTL、Tomcat、Jetty、HikariCP、Logback、Log4j2、Thymeleaf、Spring Data JPA、Redis、Spring Cache、Spring Security、JWT、RESTful、Swagger、Spring Rest Docs、Mock MVC、Spring Task、Quartz、Lombok etc. .
Front end technologies include :HTML、CSS、JavaScript、jQuery、Bootstrap、AJAX、NodeJS、Webpack、Babel、ECMAScript、Vue、Vue CLI、vue-cli-service、Local Storage、Vuex、Element UI、axios etc. .
Step by step
When faced with solving the same application scenario, this book has multiple common technologies to choose from , Will implement this function using different technologies , Make a horizontal comparison , Let readers feel the advantages and disadvantages of each technology , For example, using MyBatis、Spring Data JPA Implement persistence layer , Use Spring Task、Quartz Achieve timed tasks .
If the technology to solve the problems of the same scene changes in the times , But the old technology has not been completely eliminated , It is still widely used in the industry , Will conduct longitudinal comparison , Let readers understand the benefits of new technology . For example, I can use JSTL Act as a template engine , And replace it with Thymeleaf; Can use traditional Web Project architecture and front-end and back-end separation architecture .
This book will clarify the development context of front-end and back-end technology in the past 30 years , So that readers can have the ability to 、 Application scenarios , Ability to do appropriate architecture design and technology selection .
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