Imitation meituan app Android Java

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imitation meituan app android java

Native Android Imitated meituan App

brief introduction

Write the first native Android project .

Reference material 《 First line of code ( The first 2 edition )》 And various search engines .

Because I used to write Flutter Of , Just started learning native Android, So some places are not well written , Understanding is everything .

Sample screenshot

Home page Details page The shopping cart Order QR code

Demo video

Project description

front end

Native Android、xml Writing interface 、Java Write logic

function Realization
Shop list 、 List of dishes 、 Shopping cart list RecyclerView
Image loading Picasso
Network request RequestQueue+StringRequest
Json analysis Gson
Shopping cart pop-up PopupWindow
Entity classes are generated automatically GsonFormatPlus plug-in unit

Back end

python Language 、Flask frame

function Interface Sending method Returns the format
Get a list of stores GET Json
Get menu (1 On behalf of the 1 Food information of this store ) GET Json
Send order , Generate qr code POST Jso

Use qrcode Library to generate two-dimensional code . Since there is no data source , So the data is all static .

Use steps

1. Download backend items

Warehouse link :

Or execute... In the terminal :

git clone

2. Running back-end services

Use the back-end project directly pycharm open , Introduce related dependency packages , Finally, run directly .

You can also run , Run the terminal command under the file directory :

flask run

3. Download this App project

Warehouse link :

Or execute... In the terminal :

git clone

4. function App

use Android Studio open , Can run .

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