What are the disadvantages of redis partition?

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disadvantages redis partition

Redis What are the disadvantages of zoning ?

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Involving multiple key The operation of is usually not supported . For example, you can't intersect two sets , Because they may be stored in different Redis example ( In fact, there's a way to do this , But you can't use intersection instructions directly ).

Operate multiple at the same time key, Cannot be used Redis Business .

The granularity used for partitioning is key, You can't use a very long sort key Store a data set .

When using partitions , Data processing can be very complex , For example, in order to back up you have to be from a different Redis Instances and hosts are collected at the same time RDB / AOF file .

It can be very complex to expand or shrink dynamically when partitioning .Redis Clusters are added or removed at run time Redis node , It can achieve the most transparent data rebalancing for users , But some other client partition or proxy partition methods do not support this feature . However , There is a pre slicing technology can also better solve this problem .

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