What is the core function of spring boot?

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core function spring boot

Spring Boot What is the core function of ?

Take the answer 1:

1、 It can run independently Spring project :Spring Boot We can use jar The form of the package runs independently .

2、 embedded Servlet Containers :Spring Boot You can choose to embed Tomcat、Jetty perhaps Undertow, There is no need to war Package form deployment project .

3、 A simplified Maven To configure :Spring Provide the basis for recommendation POM File to simplify Maven To configure .

4、 Automatic configuration Spring:Spring Boot Automatically configured according to project dependencies Spring frame , Greatly reduce the configuration to be used by the project .

5、 Provide production ready features : Provides functionality that can be used directly in a production environment , Such as performance index 、 Apply information and apply health checks .

6、 No code generation and xml To configure :Spring Boot No code generation . No need at all xml Configuration can be achieved Spring All configurations of .

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