Why does the spring boot print thread name end at http-nio-8082-exec-10

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spring boot print thread end

springboot Print thread name to http-nio-8082-exec-10 Just cycle to http-nio-8082-exec-1 了
Thread t = Thread.currentThread();
String name = t.getName();

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Default (min-spare-threads) yes 10 Threads
Because I didn't test sleep So you can't reach the threshold , The minimum number of threads is enough for my request , So it is http-nio-8082-exec-1--http-nio-8082-exec-10 loop
When I use Thread.sleep(2000) When you come to test, it will be up to http-nio-8082-exec-200, If you exceed the threshold, you will be rejected
The root cause is still not well understood

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Is there only 10 Threads execute concurrently

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That's because your built-in tomcat Initial active thread Just 10 A! .

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