MySQL longtxt storage timeout in daily work

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mysql longtxt storage timeout daily

Our company uses... In daily production mysql database , There's a table There is a column below column Of datatype yes longtxt. This column is mainly used to upload test data to this column , But if there is a large amount of data uploaded at the same time , The device side will save , Unable to connect to the database or timed out .
The amount of data uploaded is shown in the figure below

Mysql As shown in the figure below

bosses , How to effectively solve the problem of simultaneous upload timeout ?

Take the answer :

Hello , According to your description , Your relationship with the company is likely to be large , I didn't use the platform
Your company's platform , It's not good to put forward suggestions on the principle and mechanism of the platform , I can learn from mysql Put forward some suggestions :
1) I understand that the isolation level of the database can be modified , Can speed up
2) modify mysql Lock of
3) Contact the company's platform developers for communication
Hope to adopt , thank you .

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