What are the advantages of spring boot?

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advantages spring boot

Spring Boot What are the advantages of ?

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Independent operation

Spring Boot And it's embedded with all kinds of servlet Containers ,Tomcat、Jetty etc. , It's no longer necessary to play war Package deployed to container ,Spring Boot Just type an executable jar The package can run independently , All dependency packages are in one jar In bag

Simplified configuration

spring-boot-starter-web Initiators automatically depend on other components , Jane is missing maven Configuration of .

Automatic configuration

Spring Boot According to the current class path 、jar Package to automatically configure bean, If you add a spring-boot-starter-web The starter can have web The function of , No other configuration required .

No code generation and XML To configure

Spring Boot No code generated during configuration , No need XML Configuration files can do all the configuration work , All this is done with the help of conditional annotation , This is also Spring4.x One of the core functions of .

Application monitoring

Spring Boot Provide a series of endpoints to monitor services and applications , Do a health test .

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