How does hibernate implement the relationship with JPA?

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hibernate implement relationship jpa

Hibernate How is it implemented JPA It doesn't matter ?

Take the answer 1:

Hibernate It is implemented mainly through three components , And hibernate-annotation、hibernate-entitymanager and hibernate-core.

(1)hibernate-annotation yes Hibernate Support annotation Way to configure the basis , It includes standard JPA annotation as well as Hibernate Of its own special function annotation.

(2)hibernate-core yes Hibernate The realization of the core , Provides Hibernate All the core functions .

(3)hibernate-entitymanager Implemented standard JPA, You could view it as hibernate-core and JPA Between adapters , It does not provide directly ORM The function of , It's right hibernate-core encapsulate , bring Hibernate accord with JPA The specification of .

in general ,JPA Is the specification ,Hibernate It's the frame ,JPA Persistence specification , and Hibernate Realized JPA.

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