Design patterns -- Notes on abstract factory patterns

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An abstract factory , A brand can have two products to be produced in this abstract factory
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The functions that industry standard mobile phones need to realize
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Which brand of products do customers choose , You can place an order if you get the products under this brand , Then the brand factory starts to produce the products required by customers ( Mobile phone or router )

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When the goods are received, the customer can use the functions of the product
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The advantages of abstract factory pattern

  • Separate interface and Implementation
    The client uses the abstract factory to create the required objects , And the client doesn't know who the implementation is at all , The client is just product oriented interface programming . in other words , The client is decoupled from the specific product implementation .

  • Make it easy to switch product families
    Because a specific factory implementation represents a product family , For example, in the above example, from Xiaomi series to Huawei series, you only need to switch specific factories .

Disadvantages of the abstract factory pattern

  • It's not easy to expand new products
    If you need to add a new product to the entire product family , Then you need to modify the abstract factory , This will result in modification of all factory implementation classes .
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