2021 spring recruitment practice experience__ C + + / background development

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Record the experience of spring recruit practice .

LZ Northeast University ( qinhuangdao ) Junior in non science class ( Material forming and control engineering ), The spring recruitment internship won the title of Alibaba Baidu Kwai Huawei offer, It's for four months in Beijing and school + Learning comes to an end . Because I record the content of every interview and repeat it , So send out the facial classics at one time , Is to make a backup , It is also a reference for my friends who pay attention to my blog .

I'm not offer Big guys with full hands , Most interviews actually hang up , Looking for a job is really tiring , Sometimes it breaks down , But there will always be gains if you stick to it , So believe in yourself , Refueling oh ~

“ This period of time is only a small part of our life , It will always pass , You can't predict what will happen now , But this is in your hands .
So make every effort to prepare everything , Get a good sleep when you're tired .”

Write it at the front

Write down a few of your most important experiences :
1. Multi brush cattle guest , Sort out one of your noodles on the basis of others
2. The top 300 high-frequency questions + Force buckle No 1—100 It's all the scope of investigation , These questions should have ideas in five seconds
3. Send your resume early ( Spring moves are recommended to be delivered in February ), More resumes
4. Dig deep into the project

360( Hanging on one side )

360 The interview experience is very bad , The interviewer is aggressive , Very stressed and not playing well .
restful How to design the interface parameter verification
Server setup process
Write code (vim)
Implement a reference count of garbage collection
Algorithm problem : Find public parent node
Algorithm problem : Two queues to implement stack

Convenience Bee ( Hanging on one side )

 The internship salary seems to be quite high ?
The written examination was also good
The interviewer asked me C++ Performance analysis of throwing anomalies , No answer Then I hung up

Baidu ( One, two, three oc Refuse to )

 one side
Ask what the internship did
Introduce the project
reactor practor
Edge trigger and horizontal trigger
delete new malloc free
c++11 characteristic
shared_ptr unique_ptr
Threads concurrent
lock_guard and unique_guard
What do you use mutex
Binary tree sequence traversal
Linked list k Turn over in groups
Two sides
Ask what the internship did
Introduce the project
Where global variables are stored
c++11 characteristic
Thread communication mode
socket What's that ( Forget )
delete new malloc free
Intelligent pointer
Redis structure
Process thread difference
auto What is it
auto When was it determined
The difference between thread concurrency
How to understand transactions
What collaboration library have you used
How to understand string copy (sso cow memset)
Delete duplicate elements in the linked list
On three sides
Ask what the internship did
Introduce the project
How to ensure thread safety
Google Programming specification
Asked a little Java project
c++11 characteristic
How to understand atomic
How to understand atomicity
How to understand caching
Where used cache
Why Redis
How to see c++ Programming
Whether to take the postgraduate entrance examination
hr Face to face is to inform you , Come or not?
Because the assigned department is too marginal , He refused

tencent ( Hang on one or two sides )

 one side
https Encryption process
Microservices are asynchronous and synchronous
Clustered index Nonclustered indexes
Design patterns
Solution to hash conflict
The solution to cache breakdown
SQL Find all employees whose registration time is the last to last
C++ From file to executable file ?
Rainwater collection
Treelike z Glyph traversal
Two sides
1. Give a function , Can generate 1-255 The random number , Use this function to generate 1-100000 The random number
2. I don't understand
3. std::function,lambda and functor The difference between , Advantages and disadvantages ( Yes ,effective modern c++)
4. epoll In depth understanding of , Two important structures Can't ~

Well quickly ( One or two sides oc Refuse to )

 The spare tire has been issued for more than half a month offer
one side
Self introduction.
What did the internship do
Introduce the project
epoll and poll difference
encapsulation 、 Inherit 、 polymorphic
How to realize partial specialization
stl Containers
vector and list Use scenarios
Virtual functions
Environment used ? Compiler Version
Intelligent pointer
Writing a shared_ptr
The problem of template class instantiation
To find problems
string getString() {
return "123";
int main() {
string now;
const char* str = getString().c_str();
cout << str;
Binary tree sequence traversal
The biggest profit of stocks
Wait a minute, I'll go to the second interviewer
Not found
Two sides
Handwriting shell, Write casually
C++11 characteristic , Say it all
Handwriting LRU cache , Plus deconstruction and delete node, Pay attention to programming specifications , Add const A lot of changes
hr Noodles
Internship time
Are you ready to do this work all the time
Can you accept offer( After waiting for a few days, I received Ali's letter of intent , Wechat refused )

Huawei ( One or two sides oc Refuse to )

 Huawei attaches great importance to the written test results , The written test I met was relatively simple ,AC500/500
one side
Introduce the project
You are the material ?
What computer courses have you studied ?
Let's talk about process threads
Let's talk about synchronous and asynchronous
Let's talk about thread synchronization mechanism
What complex data structures have been used ?
Let's talk about binary trees
Let's talk about the sorting algorithms
Write the most familiar sort
Do you often write code
ask ( The interviewer introduced the business for ten minutes )
Two sides
Asked a bunch of big data , Distributed , file system
Not at all But I still passed , Huawei is indeed hiring a lot (
hr WeChat oc
Because the treatment and employment rate of Huawei interns are touching , He refused

Tian Rong Xin ( Hang on one or two sides )

 I can't find the facial Sutra
one side
Ask a very simple operating system and C++, There is also a little bit of network security
Two sides
Network layering
http Message structure
Which layer are the commonly used protocols
How to simulate man in the middle attack

In happiness ( One, two, three sides )

 Byte is really crazy , I don't know whether it's my non professional class or something , It was the most promising interview , Unexpectedly, I hung up .
The biggest possibility is that the internship time is inappropriate , add kpi Well ~
hr Send a message and don't reply , Three interviewers don't even turn on the camera ( Lack of respect for the interviewer ), Anyway, the interview experience is very bad
one side
Introduce the project
Project difficulties
select and epoll difference
Thread synchronization
io The way
Difference between multithreading and multiprocessing
Is the game server multi-threaded or multi process
Thread communication
tcp and udp difference
tcp How to ensure safety
Three handshakes , Four waves
Can you shake hands twice
Can you wave three times
Status code
Talk about deadlocks
How to solve deadlock in the project
What lock does the database have
mylsam and innodb difference
Database isolation level
What isolation level does the project use
What index does the database have
Index infrastructure
b+ Trees and b Tree difference
What lock does the database have
Talk about the gap lock
select * from table1 where id = xx forupdate What lock does this statement add
Database transactions
What index does the database have
What books are you reading recently
When can I come to practice
Transfer language ok No
Algorithm The head and tail of the linked list flip
ask Asked hc Not much
Two sides
The difference between stack and heap
golang,Java and c++ The difference between
Virtual memory
Federated index infrastructure
Joint index , Two examples are given , Judge whether to go or not
Redis How to ensure the consistency with the database
Algorithm problem
Merge range
Mall song , Always show the top of the list 100 individual
ask Asked about the business , I know it's an intersection
On three sides
Self introduction.
Introduce the project
get/post/head How to parse
No framework ?
Request line , What fields are there in the request header ?
cookie The role of ?
cookie How to ensure safety ? In addition to the expiration time ?
https Encryption process ?
It was used Redis, Why ?
sds structure ?
What is the use of the jump watch
The structure of the jump table ? principle ?
Make a question : Power button hard Low frequency questions ( The frequency is arranged to 300+).. The maximum matrix , It's also the first two hundred , I'm careless. I haven't done , Start writing wrong
Later, I thought of a way to write dynamic programming , It seems to deceive the interviewer ..
How can repeatable reading be realized
How to avoid unreal reading
Internship time
ask , Again, I asked about business and hc( many , But I still have to hang you up ~)
ask hr Have you passed , Don't back
ask hr Why did you hang up , Don't back :(

Byte tiktok ( One, two, three sides )

 The mentality here is a little fried , I don't remember a face ,hr Miss, I'm very nice ~
One or two sides is to ask according to your resume and add 1.8 shares , One side of the algorithm problem is dfs, The second is the soul of stock trading, and the third is the question
The first two have been made , The third one didn't come out
On three sides
Introduce the project
redis data structure
How to operate the jump table
How can we quickly find the second jump table n Data ( No answer )
LRU Seconds past
The whole is not difficult , But I still won't let you pass ~
Hang up again , ask hr, answer : The foundation and algorithm are very good , But the flexibility of thinking is not enough ~ Bye bye ~

Ant Finance ( One, two, three offer)

 Because there may be confidentiality issues , No more. .
In general, the question is relatively simple , Very few eight part essays , But the second interviewer will dig deep into your project , Accurate to every point . Therefore, the project should have both depth and breadth , You should also remember to prison .
A few days later, I sent a letter of intent , Went to Ali ~
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