[g502] how to solve the problem that the DPI becomes smaller after Logitech mouse hibernates

UltraMar1ne 2022-05-22 12:25:03 阅读数:79


【 Problem description 】
The author's mouse is G502 LIghtSpeed, Recently, due to review and other reasons, the mouse has been standing for a long time , After that, it was found that it had dormancy :DPI Will fall 400,1~2 It won't recover in seconds , And the bottom message assistant will display various DPI Switch message
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【 Solution 】
Enter the mouse setting interface , Turn on onboard memory mode , Put in 1 Just set it to the desktop
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After the onboard mode is turned on, do not click... In the prompt box below “ Enable ” Button , Will enter, click to open 、 Automatically shut down 、 Then click Open 、 And automatically close the infinite loop

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