Mybatis keeps loading XML in a loop. The solution is

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MyBatis Continuously cyclic loading xml, terms of settlement

This mistake Baidu has said for a long time is because xml Inside sql Statement error or mapping error , But I've seen it many times xml The contents of the file did not find the problem , Until I saw this article later 《mybatis Always loading xml, Find the wrong solution 》 To solve the problem .

stay \spring-beans-4.1.7.RELEASE Of jar Under the bag
route \org\springframework\beans\factory\support\AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.class find autowireByType Method , The location of the catch exception in this method is the break point .
 Insert picture description here Breakpoint location
 Insert picture description here View error message
 Insert picture description here Using this method really quickly found the cause of the error !!

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