The intended owner can wait, and the spy photos of Xiaopeng's new P7 are exposed! Or it will be equipped with laser radar

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In recent days, , Some media exposed a group of new models about Xiao Peng P7 Spy photos of , As the flagship car of Xiaopeng automobile , Although the new models launched this time are not different from the current models , However, in the aspect of intelligence, perhaps the new car will be further strengthened . It is worth mentioning that , The new models also use a new color , More color schemes may be provided later .

aesthetic , The new P7 The overall design is not much different from the cash , The front face is highly recognizable LED The light bar design is very conspicuous , But in the LED The light bar is full of camouflage , But there is no camouflage at the original headlamp group . Details , The position beside the headlamp group is intentionally left blank , Therefore, there is a high probability that it will be equipped with laser radar , Although the relevant information has not yet been disclosed by the authorities , But with reference to Xiao Peng P7 In terms of positioning , It is not surprising that this component will be applied .

New Xiaopeng P7 The reserved hole and small ROC beside the headlamp P5 Very similar , It is different from the features of Wei Lai lidar mounted on the roof , Xiaopeng automobile previously released P5 Choose to carry laser radar around the headlights , Therefore, the new model exposed this time P7 It is also very possible to carry a laser radar at this position .

The body side , The new P7 There is no difference in design with the current models , The shape design of sliding back is still highly recognizable , And it also has a lot of sports breath . Go to the rear , The same as the front face, the lampshade was removed in the spy photo of this exposure , And the lamp part is also lengthened , In sharp contrast to the new model .

On the whole , With reference to the current lineup of Xiaopeng automobile , Xiao peng P7 It is one of the most influential models of Xiaopeng automobile at present , And has been the main sales force of Xiaopeng automobile since its release . Is therefore , As the main sales force of Xiaopeng automobile , Xiao peng P7 At the level of intelligence, we naturally need a higher level , Although we are still not sure whether the new car will be equipped with lidar , But Xiaopeng automobile, as a car enterprise focusing on intelligence , Probability will also keep up with the pace of intelligence , And this can further improve the intelligence and product power of the new models .

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