How to use help command, a common Linux command

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Linux Common commands help command Used for display shell Help for internal commands .help The command can only display shell Internal command help information . For the help information of external commands, you can only use man perhaps info Command view , Let's share Linux Common commands help How to use the command .

Command format

 help [-dms] [PATTERN...]

PATTERN For matching commands , If there is a command that matches the pattern ,help The return status is 0, Otherwise, it is not 0.

Option description

   Output a short description of each command
   To resemble  man  Manual format description commands
   Show only the format used by the command 


(1) see help Own help information .

 help help

(2) To resemble man Manual format view help Command help information .

 help -m help

(3) see help A short description of the command .

 help -d help
 help - Display information about builtin commands.

(4) see help and cd Command use format .

 help -s help cd
 help: help [-dms] [pattern ...]
 cd: cd [-L|[-P [-e]]] [dir]

So far about Linux Common commands help End of command sharing , If you are right help There are still questions about the use of the command. You can submit the questions to us through the comment area .

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