Several command line tools for browsing web pages under Linux

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Links Yes, it is C An open source language web browser , Support includes Linux、Windows、OS X and OS/2 All mainstream platforms including . It offers both text-based and graphical interfaces . Most of the standard Linux By default, all distributions include text-based versions . If your distribution is not installed by default links, It can be installed through the package management tool .Elinks yes links A derivative of .

  1. # apt-get install links
  2. # yum install links

After installation , You can use the command to browse any web page as shown in the following figure .

  1. # links

stay links in , You can use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to browse . Pressing the right arrow on the hyperlink will open it , Pressing the left arrow will return to the previous page , Press q Key to exit .

The following figure shows how to use links visit Tecmint Website .

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Again , It can also be used as follows wget Download and install .

  1. # wget
  2. # tar -xvf links-2.9.tar.gz
  3. # cd links-2.9
  4. # ./configure –enable-graphics
  5. # make
  6. # make install

Be careful :links Source code compilation requires installation libpng, libjpeg, TIFF library, SVGAlib, XFree86, C Compiler and make These bags .

2. links2

Links yes Twibright Written by the laboratory web browser , and Links2 Is based on a graphical version of it .Links2 Support mouse click , The design emphasizes speed , Does not support any CSS, To a certain extent, it supports HTML and JavaScript.

Install... With the following command Links2.

  1. # apt-get install links2
  2. # yum install links2

3. lynx

lynx It's a text-based web browser , Use GNU GPLv2 Agreement release , use ISO C To write .lynx Is a highly configurable web browser , Is the Savior of many system administrators , It has the longest history web Browser , And it is still under active development .

Install... With the following command lynx.

  1. # apt-get install lynx
  2. # yum install lynx

After installation , You can use this command to browse the web page as shown in the following figure .

  1. # lynx
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