Launch conference of "luxury spring" Shanghai Asia Europe Limited Edition models

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2022 year 2 month 13 Japan , Maserati joined hands Fragment   Cross border launch Ghibli The limited edition model has entered Shanghai Asia Europe , The launch conference began with a cool hip-hop dance , Then, Ren Lumin, the Shanghai Asia Europe Maserati gold medal internal trainer, made a detailed introduction to the whole car . Dynamic rhythm , With Maserati's signature engine roar , And the applause of the guests , Maserati new Ghibli The limited models are on the stage .

Maserati, the pioneer of Italian attitude, joined hands with the trend brand founded by Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of Japanese street culture Fragment, Break the boundary , Break the dogma , Turn the car into the carrier of music , Cross border launch of Maserati Ghibli Operanera Opera black and Ghibli Operabianca Opera white limited edition models , Inspired by the duet , Unlock the boundless creative realm , Launched in Tokyo, Japan, these two models are quite different 、 A limited edition model that subverts the look and feel .

This cross-border cooperation benefits from Maserati FUORISERIE Enjoy the powerful personalized configuration provided by the customization project , Users can create a unique private car according to their own excellent taste . Maserati FUORISERIE The private customization project endows the car with the luxury attribute of advanced customization , Make every Trident car an effective extension and wonderful expression of fashion values , Boldly demonstrate the personality and taste of the owner . As a widely sought after global trend setter , The maverick Hiroshi Fujiwara is 1980 The pioneer of Tokyo street culture in the s , It was the first to introduce hip-hop music to Japan DJ One of . He is both a producer and a musician , He has successfully cooperated with many international famous artists ; As a visual artist, he , He is good at expressing the touch and emotion of urban life with art —— Just like Maserati , He was born unbounded and constantly broke the shackles . Under this high degree of agreement , Trident brand and Fujiwara have perfectly integrated Italian excellent design with Japanese extreme concept . stay GranLusso Deluxe edition Ghibli Based on sports cars , Ghibli Operanera Opera black and Ghibli Operabianca The opera white limited edition model made an amazing debut .

When Maserati and Fujiwara brands are highly recognized Fragment Street style collision , The birth of an unprecedented new spark , It can be called a perfect duet of tacit cooperation . appearance , The limited edition model adopts the classic black-and-white monochrome combination ,Ghibli Operanera Opera black with shiny black body and matte black ,Ghibli Operabianca Opera white uses a bright white body with matte black . It integrates Fujiwara's iconic urban style and Logo The front grille , It is the symbolic element of this cross-border cooperation . The interior is made of luxury leather and Alcantara Fabric combination , Vertical seat seams and Trident on headrest Logo All are made of silver contrast yarn dyed fabric , The blue safety belt makes the interior space more flexible . Fashion design to match the appearance ,Ghibli Operanera Opera black and Ghibli Operabianca Opera white limited edition models use 20 Inch Urano Matte black rim , meanwhile Fragment The iconic double lightning Logo More surprise C column , Replace the previous Maserati model's iconic Trident  Logo.

What is more unique is , A series of mysterious codes appeared on the side of the body “ Shark gill ” below ——M157110519FRG,“M157” yes Ghibli Models of ID Code ;“110519” It represents Hiroshi Fujiwara and Maserati design center in 2019 year 11 month 5 The first meeting of ; and FRG It is Fragment Abbreviation , To commemorate this significant cross-border cooperation .

Ghibli Operanera Opera black and Ghibli Operabianca Suggested retail price of opera white model 1,015,400 element , China Limited 70 platform . meanwhile , The limited items jointly designed by Maserati and Hiroshi Fujiwara will be launched simultaneously in Maserati's official channels , This series is just like the limited edition models , It shows the spirit of boundless avantgarde on both sides .

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About Maserati China

Maserati, an Italian super luxury car brand, was born in 1914 Founded in Bologna, Italy , Now headquartered in Modena . As a pioneer of Italian attitude , Maserati has always been born with the spirit of innovation 、 Unique design aesthetics 、 Indelible passion energy , Meet the pursuit of every adventurer and life connoisseur who craves speed for a dream car . Each Maserati is designed with 、 performance 、 comfortable 、 Elegant and safe , With “ Born unbounded ” The pioneering spirit of redefines Italian luxury cars , And sold all over the world 70 More than one market .

at present , The flag system includes Quattroporte The president's car 、Ghibli Sedan 、SUV Levante, And carrying V8 High performance of the engine SUV Levante Trofeo. Supercar MC20 On 2020 year 9 Moon burning engine appears , It carries “Nettuno Sea god ” The engine will... For the first time F1 Cutting edge technology is introduced into the powertrain of mass production models , Return to the extraordinary sports soul of the brand with unprecedented extreme performance , Announce the opening of a new era of Trident brand .

Maserati brand in 2004 Officially entered the Chinese market in , Maserati ( China ) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai , Responsible for brand sales and market operation in the Chinese market , Dealer network development management , And provide after-sales technical support and spare parts Service . at present , Maserati has established a perfect sales and service network , exceed 60 There are dealers all over the country .

About Shanghai Asia Europe

Shanghai Asia Europe belongs to Guanghui group, one of the world's top 500 companies , Is a family with Maserati and alpha · Authorized distributor of Romeo dual brands . The new double brand exhibition hall is located in Longwu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 900 Number ( Near Longshui South Road ), The total floor area is 4000 Square meters . The overall facade design of the exhibition hall adopts simple and modern structure , Panoramic floor glass decoration , The vehicle display effect is at a glance . Luxurious and shining interior decoration , Without losing elegance and style . The interior adopts simple and classic white and blue colors , The design details reveal the pure Maserati style everywhere , Noble but not publicized fashion and elegance . The noble and elegant flagship models displayed in the exhibition hall Quattroporte President 、 Dynamic and passionate SUV Levante And light and stylish Ghibli Models complement each other , Show Maserati's noble temperament and passionate style from the track .

Shanghai Asia Europe exhibition hall :

4S Center Address : Longwu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 900 Number

Opening hours of the exhibition hall :8:30A.M – 17:00 P.M

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