http net::ERR_ HTTP2_ PROTOCOL_ Error error finding

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cgi The service has been running normally , One day , Suddenly online feedback net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR This mistake . A face of meng

chrome Can't see response. cgi Everything is OK .

Turn on fiddler after , Refreshing the page is normal again .( Should be fiddler The agent did some secondary processing .)

from fiddler You can see up here header in Yes Special characters , You can also see it in the back-end log

nick:"\177\177\177\177" // The back-end log print is this string
"nick":"", // response header This one 

This special character affects Agent Yes response Analytical processing of .

Recurrence path :

header('Logininfo: '.'{"nick":""}');

Be careful : This special character is in body In time , Is there any problem , It's just header There are only problems in .

An error will be reported when the browser is opened .

terms of settlement : Add omnipotent urlencode.

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