A 100 day sprint for the interview of a Java factory - accumulated over time, three questions per day [day18] - a collection of wonderful questions


Hello everyone , I'm Chen ha ha , Five years in the North . My friends who know me know , I come from a non-technical background , become a monk or nun late in life , Universities are bad too ! This kind of background drifts North , You don't even know what you're going through ???.

continuity 17 Heaven's technical article must be about to vomit , Today from some 、 Some gold 、 A pulse 、 At some point, I found some questions that I was asked in the interview The problem of exotic flowers , Let's have fun . Think of it as you , Being asked these questions , What would it feel like ? Give it a try ~

Drive a car , Who is that , The door is nailed !

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Now the shooting levels of group friends are all on the moon ?

author : I love you more than one word


Interview questions 1: You're in daily development , Find out bug What's the general solution to this problem ?

General practice

  1. Know what the expected behavior is , know bug The difference from the expected behavior ;
  2. Stable reproduction of this bug;
  3. Guess what caused this bug, Give it a try ;
  4. Take a look at this bug Is it fixed , If not , go back to 3, If it is , Continue to 5;
  5. Run it a few more times , Confirm this bug It's not going to happen , If it still appears , go back to 3, Otherwise, continue to 6;
  6. Get someone to do it code review, Make sure there's nothing you don't think about .
  7. Record this bug.

Don't behave like a human being

  1. Find out Bug
  2. determine Bug It's not self inflicted , If you can't be sure , Ignore the steps 1
  3. Promote to the group “ There's an unknown in the program Bug, It's not my fault ”
  4. Who responded to , Who is right Bug be responsible for
  5. No one responded , It requires specific personnel to cooperate with debugging
  6. If you don't cooperate , It's a particular person to Bug be responsible for
  7. If specific people cooperate , It's like a particular person has found a Bug
  8. Let specific people see the steps 1
  9. perfect , With no chink in one's armour

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Interview questions 2: If you're dating your girlfriend , The company suddenly called and said , There's something wrong with the project , What would you do .

I :???

I : I don't have a girlfriend , There will be no more .

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Interview questions 3: Mind working overtime ?

I : Pay for overtime ?
I : According to the law 1.5 Times ?
I : Do you have overtime meals ?

interviewer : Three cowards ? Brother, you have a lot of plays .
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Questioning 1: do you mind? 996 Well ?

I : Can you give me 996 The treatment of ?

interviewer : You can't , Can not be , Don't talk about it !

Questioning 2: Mind going on a business trip ?

I : you tm Of Mangfu asked three times ??

Interview questions 4( Huawei interview questions ): A cow weighs 800 kg , But the bridge ahead bears the load 700 kg , Ask the cow how to cross the bridge ?

answer 1: Sell the cattle , Buy Huawei mobile phones , Cross the bridge with Huawei mobile phone , Because Huawei mobile phone is a cow !

answer 2: Towing cattle every day 996, No grass , The cow is so thin that 600 The kilogram passed , Not only does it not increase costs , It can also reduce costs .

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Interview questions 5: How to understand the real-time of real-time system ?

I : Finish the business before a certain point in time

interviewer : almost , But not exactly , Not before the time , It's just at that time .

Interview questions 6: Um. …CSS How to write when the font turns red ?

I : Would you please ask this question after reading my resume ?

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Interview questions 7( The school recruit ): What do you think is the most successful thing you have ever done in college ?

I :「…」 I was silent 10s,“ It seems nothing ?”

interviewer :… Think about it again ?

I :「…」, It's over again. 10s,“ It's like it's really nothing …”

interviewer : Impossible , For example, what projects have been done ?…( Guided for a long time , There is a feeling that I hate iron but not steel )

I : I think of one ! But it may be a bit against the national law …

interviewer :「?!」 And then there was silence 3s( Maybe it's crazy ) Black production ? Gambling or something ?

I : It's actually a crawler crawling yellow video … lose GitHub It's on the table. Come on 200 individual star( I feel red all over my face … It's a shame … I don't know why I suddenly thought of this …)

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interviewer :「…」
I :「…」

There was silence on both sides 5s…

Then there was a pleasant exchange GitHub Address ~

The interviewer asked again with a smile :「 Do you have any difficulties in the middle ? How did you solve it ?」
I :「xxxxxxxx」( I said )

Interview questions 8: Men and women , If you're on a business trip to stay , There's only one room , What should I do ?

When I was looking for a job , I went to a software company for an interview , The interviewer is a beauty interviewer ( Female manager ), Tall and tall 、 Fair skin , The temperament is like this one below .

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In a new employee interview , There are almost 30 Wait in line for the interview , She's very kind to every interviewer , They all ask such a question :“ Men and women , If you're on a business trip to stay , There's only one room , What should I do ?”

The result of the interview is : Those who agreed to open a room , Men sleep on the floor , On a woman's bed , Or men don't sleep , Let women sleep , All be pass 了 . Some say , You can arrange whatever you want , on-call , And they were all pass 了 .

Only one passed , That is to say : Let's book this room for the female manager first , Let her in , Then he went to find out if there were any other hotels around , Or I can't deal with it all night in the Internet bar .

Questioning 1: If you open the door of the office and see the woman manager changing her clothes, what do you do

answer : There won't be such a thing , I'll knock before I go in ...

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Interview questions 9: say something JAVA and JavaScript The relationship between the two .

I :…?

interviewer : Didn't I make it clear ?

I : No problem .

interviewer : Think about it ?

I : The relationship between Lei Feng and Lei Feng pagoda

interviewer :??

I : Pakistan's relationship with Kaspersky ( There's a Kiba relationship )

interviewer :( silence ) Well, all right , I think it's almost done .

Interview questions 10:Write failed:Broken pipe、connection reset by peer Have you ever met , What might be the reason ?

I :???

Maybe all the students who have done anti climbing are familiar with these error reports , Some server connection timeout tips , The interviewers who ask this kind of questions are drunk .

Interview questions 11: How many points do you score high ?

I :??? I can't do this job if I fail in advanced mathematics ?

Daily summary

Actually , The level and focus of the interviewer may also be uneven .. Different from person to person ,Day18 There's absolutely no irony . It's just Friday , Take it easy . The old saying goes , There should be a Friday attitude on Friday , Let's talk about something next Monday ~~

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That's it today , It's not a dry product of technology , But also remember to leave a message in the comments section : Clock in ., To inspire the students , Now that I'm in the car , Don't think about it . Who is that , Nail the door down ???.

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