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  The design and implementation of mental health evaluation system
Mental health evaluation system is a system software to evaluate people's mental health in recent years . The system includes roles : Users and administrators ( consultant 、 Counselors, etc ).
User functional requirements are as follows :
(1) register . The user registration information contains the user name 、 password 、 full name 、 Age 、 Gender 、 ID number 、 ID card photo 、 Phone number 、 Email and other information .
(2) Sign in . The user enters his user name and password in the text box to log in , After successful login, enter the system home page , You can conduct online mental health assessment or consult a consultant .
(3) Mental health assessment . Select an assessment questionnaire , Submit answers , Obtain self test results ; View the evaluation records , Download the evaluation report .
(4) Mental Health Counselling . Including offline messages and real-time online communication . What I don't understand , Students can consult a counselor or counselor ( Administrator status ), get help , solve the problem .
The administrator function requirements are as follows :
(1) Sign in . The administrator needs to log in with an account , Only after successful login can you enter the background management .
(2) Management of mental health assessment questionnaire : Input various evaluation questionnaires 、 subject 、 answer , Handling of questionnaire score results, etc . The corresponding questionnaire can be found on the Internet , simplicity , The test questions are all single choice questions .
(3) Mental Health Q & A . Answer questions and solve problems , Or for students with low scores , Active guidance .

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