How difficult is the Java Tutorial compared with other programming tutorials

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java How difficult is the tutorial compared with other programming tutorials . Programmers have been the most talked about and laughed at in recent years , It's understandable , Their characteristics are too obvious , Of course, ability is also visible , And get everybody's approval . There are also some students who have taken a fancy to the major of programmers , Want to get into this field . So programmers often use C/C++、java、python Which one is better to learn ?java course Will it be easier to get started .

java course

1、 introduction java The tutorial can first learn more about

At this stage, the most important thing is all kinds of training courses , Whether it's short-term or long-term , Introductory or professional , As long as you want to learn , There is nothing you can't learn . Want to enter the program industry is to use what software for programmers , Which is better to learn , It's better for you , To learn more about , You can first search the Internet for more information about the program , And then learn from the past generations , More understanding of the programmer industry , Then summarize these information to choose the right one , There is no need to go wrong . I feel that I am suitable for learning java, that java You can start with the tutorial .

2、java How difficult is the tutorial compared with other programming tutorials

Generally speaking , Advertising is about how easy it is to use , Maybe I will try it when I use it , But when you really choose, you should choose the one that suits you . It's like java Tutorials have their own characteristics ,java Is in C/C++ On the basis of , Yes, of course C/C++ The advantages of 、 Abandoned C/C++ The shortcomings of . At the same time, it has also achieved some of its own strengths .Java The tutorial is relatively easy to learn , The language and operation are easier than before , It's relatively easy to get started , Many people may get started by learning online , More advanced than other tutorials , It's easier to get started .

From learning programming to becoming a programmer , In fact, it is the same as every road in every industry , All need a cavity of enthusiasm and a persistent heart to move forward , With such a mindset java The tutorial was quickly won .

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