What can I do after downloading Java

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For many novices, it may be very confusing ,java What is it for , Is the threshold for entry high ,java download Where to download . Actually Java There's a lot to do , Whether you are playing games or making software, you can pass Java To achieve , Programmers also like to use Java To make software , The high security and cross platform of this programming language are very rare .

One .Java What can be done specifically

The simplest and most common way is through Java Language to achieve website writing , This is a very useful feature for many people , Many large web sites are also through Java To achieve . Besides the website, it is the game software production we mentioned above , It was all the rage 《 My world 》 That is to use Java In this programming language , In addition to this common Java It is also used for making mobile phone software . so to speak Java Language is still very important to programmers .

java download

java download

Two .Java How to learn

java How to learn this programming language ? How can I get through Java To make the websites or software above ? Our primary learning goal is Java Basic grammar of , object-oriented , Core class library and other basic knowledge in programming language , If you don't pay attention to basic learning , Then it will be very difficult to learn the framework later . After learning and sending, you can learn the framework , Especially popular frameworks , After mastering it, you can learn this programming language while working . Study Java Be patient in the process , Read more source code , By reading the source code, we can understand our knowledge more thoroughly . The last and most important thing is persistence , Study Java It's not done overnight , We need to have enough patience .

If you want to learn how to program yourself , complete java Download and study carefully , Persevere , I believe you can master this programming language through unremitting efforts , To build a website , Make software .

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