What are the advantages of mybatis? Are there any defects in its actual application

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mybatis It is strange to those who do not know computer knowledge , But once we enter the corresponding field of computer , about mybatis Nature also needs to be understood .mybatis It is actually a kind of framework in the computer , And the framework often processes the corresponding data , Of course , Some professional voices are often abstract , In the actual operation process , We can better understand mybatis What is it . For use mybatis For people who ,mybatis It has corresponding advantages , There will be corresponding shortcomings in the process of operation . The following is right mybatis Introduction to advantages and disadvantages .

One 、mybatis advantage

1、 Easy to use . Do not look mybatis It looks very complicated , But in the actual operation process ,mybatis The whole function is relatively simple , There is no need to complete the corresponding requirements through third-party software .mybatis The overall idea of using is very simple , Basically, as long as you learn how to operate , You can use it immediately .

2、 Flexible .mybatis No impact on the design of existing applications, etc , And it can realize some unique functions , In the process of actual use, we can find its simplicity .

3、 Good experience . For some tasks in the computer ,mybatis The overall experience is very good due to its unique features , To sum it up in one word is “ convenient ”, It will not put more burden on computer users , Instead, it can simplify some operations .


Two 、mybatis shortcoming

1、 In the process of writing corresponding statements , The workload is complicated , Especially when there are many tasks , It may take a long time , And it costs a lot of energy .

2、 because SQL The nature of the statement , Therefore, the database cannot be changed during use , This will also bring certain limitations .

3、 The whole frame is simple , But what follows is a reduction in functionality due to simplicity , When implementing some requirements , You can't rely on it .

That's what it's all about mybatis Specific introduction of advantages and disadvantages . although mybatis There are certain shortcomings , But this does not prevent its use , After all, every framework has its limitations .

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