K8s scattering problem collection

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Take a look Maven The pain is Java The programmer . With the GraalVM Matching Micronuat and Quarkus Before the two architectures mature ,Java It's very embarrassing in the field of cloud nativity . Mature architectures are all family bucket designs , It is incompatible with the small and fine container . If you don't inherit these mature things , set up a separate kitchen . Why don't I GO Build more wheels ?GO It doesn't seem to have been written Java repetitive .

and Docker It is a good thing ,CD The process is actually very convenient , Deployment is better than Terraform It's still much faster to open a virtual machine , In most cases, there is no need for the strong isolation of virtual machines . however K8S Not so , Feeling 99% There is no need to use K8S,Docker Swarm It can solve most of the problems . Or fast forward to Serverless( Although most of this stuff is based on K8S) Stage , buy aws, Tencent and Alibaba's services will do ; The development efficiency has risen sharply . If programmers start their own businesses , At the initial stage, you can also configure a few less back-end development and operation and maintenance .

2. I did encounter a lot of problems , There are many log problems , Vessel drift , If the log is not accessed ELK, It's really not easy to troubleshoot problems , Release and we will create an image , The code comes directly from oss download , Simple release actually 20s Can complete a pod, The startup script adopts an abstract script from... According to the version of the image oss Download different scripts .

Programmers don't understand O & M , O & M does not understand programmers , Indeed, the promotion process is a hard wound .

3. ask : But how do I feel K8s It's so fragrant , regret we didn't meet sooner hhh

netkillernetkiller ( author ) Reply to the daylight star 10-20 I wonder if you have ever used hardware , You used 200 Wan Yi routing switching equipment ?50 More than 10000 servers ,100 Million of storage …… 40GB Fiber optic Ethernet ,16GB FC Storage :)

For example, I always play console games and computer games , I can't understand how anyone can play mobile games . I am a 7.2 Channel Yamaha sound + XBOX and PS4, No matter who persuades me, I won't play mobile games . Upgrade to next year 8K TV and PS5 and XBOX new edition .

4. Applications that need persistence k8s: The physical host must be bound for reading and writing speed ssd, You can't go floating ; Data backup is still the old way , It's just that the operator changed places ; The database has its own cluster , therefore ingress It's no use ; There is a need for authorization , No binding machine , Can not use ; Some cluster nodes need to be configured internally , I didn't give it k8s The interface of ,k8s Delete directly and re pull I can't get up ; And answer the questions the LORD said .

In short, it increases the complexity of the system out of thin air , Increased workload , Increased security risks , But it didn't solve any of my problems . So you give me a k8s The reason of ...

So not all applications are suitable for k8s, Or say k8s It needs to develop .

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