Java semester summary

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Today is the last time in my freshman year Java course , In a twinkling of an eye, the time of freshman year passed ,Java Our course will come to an end . Since this semester, I have also gained a lot. Of course, I will inevitably lose a lot , There are also shortcomings . It's time for this semester Java Make a summary .

The harvest should also be regarded as quite abundant ; After one semester, I passed Java I have a deeper understanding of my major , Second, for Java Learning is also a certain understanding and mastery . Then through friends , The students have learned some knowledge in the true sense of self-determination , Although not much, it is worth mentioning .

There is a fly in the ointment :1. I haven't studied hard after class , There is no firm foundation ;2. The frequency of desertion in class is still high , No good seriously to follow the pace of the teacher ;3. Where I don't know , Some incomprehensible places or problems encountered were not solved in time , I didn't communicate with the teacher in time , consulting .4. Bad attitude is serious .

As the saying goes , Don't do good for small things , Don't take evil as small ; And he said :“ Without silicon, you can walk thousands of miles , No small stream can make a river .” In contrast, this semester , It can also be regarded as a lack of knowledge and a desire to do , So I set a little goal for myself , Accumulate over a long period , I believe that I will succeed if I persist .

1. Study well first , Firm up the most basic knowledge

2. Familiar with various computer operations

3. Every class should be at least fully focused and attentive 10 Minutes to start

4. At least find friends every month , classmate , The teacher inquires about confusion

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