Maven configuring setting XML explanation (Part 1)

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Top elements

<settings xmlns=""


effect : This value represents the path to build the local repository of the system . Its default value :~/.m2/repository.



effect : Express maven Whether you need to interact with the user to get input . If maven You need to interact with the user to get input , Set to true, On the contrary, it should be false. The default is true.



effect :maven Is it necessary to use plugin-registry.xml File to manage plug-in versions . If you need to maven Working with files ~/.m2/plugin-registry.xml To manage plug-in versions , Set to true. The default is false.



effect : Express maven Need to run in offline mode . If the construction system needs to run in offline mode , Then for true, The default is false. When due to network settings or security factors , When the build server cannot connect to the remote warehouse , This configuration is very useful .



effect : When plugins are organized id(groupId) When not explicitly provided , For search plug-in organization Id(groupId) A list of . The element contains a pluginGroup List of elements , Each child element contains an organization Id(groupId). When we use a plug-in , And there's no command behavior in its offering organization Id(groupId) When ,Maven The list will be used . By default, the list contains org.apache.maven.plugins and org.codehaus.mojo.

<settings xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
<!--plugin Organization Id(groupId) -->
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