Maven configuring setting XML details -- pluginrepositories, activeprofiles

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effect : List of remote repositories where plug-ins are found . and repository similar , It's just repository Is management jar The repository that packages depend on ,pluginRepositories It's a repository for managing plug-ins . maven A plug-in is a special type of component . For this reason , The plug-in repository is independent of other repositories .pluginRepositories The structure of the element and repositories The structure of the element is similar to . Every pluginRepository Element specifies a Maven Can be used to find the remote address of the new plug-in .

<!-- Contains the information needed to connect to the remote plug-in Repository . See profiles/profile/repositories/repository Description of the elements -->
<enabled />
<updatePolicy />
<checksumPolicy />
<enabled />
<updatePolicy />
<checksumPolicy />
<id />
<name />
<url />
<layout />


effect : Activate... Manually profiles A list of , according to profile The order of application is defined activeProfile. This element contains a set of activeProfile Elements , Every activeProfile They all contain one profile id. Any in activeProfile As defined in profile id, Regardless of the setting of the environment , Their corresponding profile Will be activated . If there is no match profile, Then nothing will happen . for example ,env-test It's a activeProfile, It's in pom.xml( perhaps profile.xml) In the corresponding id Of profile Will be activated . If you can't find one during the run profile,Maven It will run as usual .

<settings xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
<!-- To activate profile id -->
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