Spring boot uses external configuration files

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External use  application.properties

SpringApplication By default, it will be loaded from the following location  application.properties file

1.A /config subdirectory of the current directory : Current directory config Catalog Next

2.The current directory : Under current directory

3.A classpath /config package : classpath The root path Of config It's a bag

4.The classpath root : classpath Under the root path

priority 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 , If all four positions exist , The higher priority will override the lower priority , It's covered with attribute And more attributes can be superimposed

Spring There are many other ways to specify a configuration file , Please refer to the official documentation  Externalized Configuration chapter

Overwrite internal with external configuration file Custom profile attribute

adopt @PropertySource annotation , And define multiple paths , The following attributes will override the previous , Such as :

@PropertySource(value = { "classpath:config.properties", "file:./config/config.properties" }, ignoreResourceNotFound = true)

ignoreResourceNotFound = true, Ignore the error prompt when it cannot be found , Otherwise, the development environment will not compile , Because the file under this path cannot be found

When you need to override attributes , Just in jar Put in peer directory config Folder and put  config.properties file ( Same as application.properties 1 Ways in )

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