Data Structure ----- Quick Sort

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1.1 概念

快速排序Is modified by the bubble sort,Although it is modified by the bubble sort,But in what sort thought there is no inevitable connection,Only belong to the same交换排序;
Quick sort sorting thought is a basic value through partition,And then will be ordered a big split into small order,Then an ordered sequence points until a;

1.2 查找过程

  • Quick sort the sort of thinking the first thing to do is take a benchmark to compare,We here every sort of the first element as a comparing benchmark;
  • 由下图我们可以看到,In the first round of the sort we take 9 作为基准值,Then use all remaining elements compared with the,如果比 9 要小,Will the elements placed in 9 的左方,如果比 9 要大,Will the elements placed in 9 的右边;
  • All round sorted,The basic value we use has reached its final location,So this value is no longer need to participate in order;
  • According to the previous round of selected benchmark,We are in the left sort again,The right sort also similarly again;
  • According to the above rules constantly partition,Until the entire sequence in order after the order is over;


图 1.1

1.3 代码演示

  • Will need to sort the sequence in the array;
  • 建立一个方法,将数组传入、The starting coordinates incoming、Coordinates incoming;


图 1.2
  • Basic value will pass an auxiliary space;
  • Copy the starting coordinates and end coordinates a used to traverse the;


图 1.3
  • According to the basic value of the first order;
  • From the right point point traverse forward,Until a basic value is less than to find the elements,And the value assigned to the left of the anchor point;(Because the leftmost element is as the basic value of,Have copies within the secondary variables,所以可以直接替换掉)
  • Right after the traverse from the anchor point of the left again traverse back,Until a basic value is greater than to find the elements,And the element assignment to the anchor point on the right;
  • Until the left positioning coordinates, eventually not less than the right positioning coordinates,一次循环结束,Then the position of the benchmark values into the two coordinate intersection;( Jump out of the loop of the final condition is left positioning coordinates is equal to the right location coordinates )


图 1.4
  • Join two recursive around to sorting interval to the same way;


图 1.5
  • When the initial positioning coordinates, not less than the finish location coordinates,Is unable to sort,直接返回;


图 1.5

1.4 代码测试

  1. At the end of each round sorting add an output traversal sequence;
  2. Through the sequence of each round we can see the entire sorting process;
  3. 结论:代码可用无误;


图 1.5

1.5 代码分享

public class test {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int[] arr = {
 15 ,20 , 14 , 21 ,12 , 9 , 16 , 18 , 10 };
System.out.println("Eventually produce orderly sequence to:");
for ( int e: arr ) {

System.out.print( e + " ");
private static void celerity(int[] arr,int left,int right) {

if ( left >= right )
int temp = arr[left];
int i = left,j = right;
while ( i < j ){

while ( temp <= arr[j] && j > i )
arr[i] = arr[j];
while ( temp >= arr[i] && j > i )
arr[j] = arr[i];
arr[i] = temp;
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