Java. Lang. Byte class of hashCode () method of the function

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Function description of the hashCode() method of the Java.lang.Byte class

The following author will describe the function introduction of the hashCode() method in the Java.lang.Byte class, as follows:

Function of hashCode() method

function of java.lang.Byte.hashCode():

 Returns the hash code corresponding to the Byte object

hashCode syntax

hashCode syntaxpublic int hashCode()parameternonereturn valueReturns the hashCode value of the object, usually the same as the intValue value


package com.java265.other;import org.junit.Test;public class other {/*** test example sharing*/@Testpublic void test() {/*** Example of Byte class hashCode method*/Byte b1 = Byte.decode("100");Byte b2 = Byte.decode("102");System.out.println(b1.hashCode());System.out.println(b2.hashCode());}}------Run the above code, the following information will be output----100102
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