Functional description of the intValue() method of the Java.lang.Byte class

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Java.lang.ByteFunction description of the intValue() method of the class

The following author will describe the function introduction of the intValue() method in the Java.lang.Byte class, as follows:

Function of the intValue() method

Function of java.lang.Byte.intValue():

 Returns the int value of a bytes object

intValue syntax

intValue syntaxpublic int intValue()parameternonereturn valueReturns the value of the object converted to int


package com.java265.other;import org.junit.Test;public class other {/*** test example sharing*/@Testpublic void test() {/*** Example of Byte class intValue method*/Byte b1 = Byte.decode("100");System.out.println(b1.intValue());}}------Run the above code, the following information will be output----100
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