The G9 that failed to go public may be the beginning of Xiaopeng's failure

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Although we said that we will no longer comment on Xpeng Motors this year, in view of the catastrophic listing performance of Xpeng G9 yesterday, I have to say something else, whether it is good or bad for G9From two perspectives:

On the good side: G9's 800V+SiC electric drive, 4C/3C fast charging battery, centralized domain electrical and electronic architecture, front induction rear permanent magnet motor, etc., these are all advanced technologiesThe integration of the architecture can ensure that the G9 will not fall behind in technology for at least three years. Coupled with the assisted driving and intelligent cockpit that Xiaopeng is proud of, it is rude to say that the complete G9 is a world-class technical vehicle.

Bad aspects: The first is SKU and price, which is different from the multi-SKU (stacking wood collocation) that ordinary people simply understand, the configuration design of G9 can be called "Leewenhoek" (need toresearch with a magnifying glass).The 5D music cockpit package actually has a heated steering wheel, electric adjustment of the front seats, and massage; even more strange is that the electric adjustment of the rear seats, leg rests, and heated massage are scattered and bundled in the so-called 702E and 650E/X versions.It cannot be selected separately~~~ That means that consumers may think that they only choose a battery life, audio, and assisted driving. In fact, you also choose the comfort configuration of the seat (electric adjustment of the front and rear, leg rest, massage, etc.)., heating and ventilation).The cheapest 570G can't choose any configuration. The main selling rear-drive long battery life is 40W, and three of the four colors have to be paid for. The middle and high-end wheels have the same size, but different styles.

General consumers are probably confused after choosing such a choice, not to mention the dual-chamber suspension brought by He Xiaopeng himself, which can only be used on the 40W+ four-wheel drive version, and the two-wheel drive version even has a CDCNo.The highly publicized 4C battery can only be optional for the four-wheel drive version at 1W, and the 650E performance version is not optional.My God, what the hell did this come up with?Is the person doing product planning an undercover agent from Huawei and Ideal?

Let's not talk about the luxury design of the G9's interior, it's a matter of opinion.

According to the first-line data, the effective orders for the G9 are less than 4,000 units.catastrophic data.

Now we have to think: Why did the G9 launch fail so well?

1. He Xiaopeng himself bears the first responsibility.From various feedbacks, he doesn't like driving very much, and he doesn't drive G9 very much, let alone P5. In contrast, Li Xiang drives L9 to and from get off work every day.In this way, the two bosses have a lower level of control over their own products; He Xiaopeng may only be interested in ADS and smart cockpits, but not much in the car itself.The Weibo about the double-chamber air suspension posted on the eve of G9's listing was also posted at the request of the public relations department.

Second, the internal management of Xpeng Motors.Lixiang Auto is under the complete centralized control of Li Xiang, but Xpeng Motors is more like a federal company.The departments under their respective control formed an independent kingdom. He Xiaopeng himself didn't want to control it, or he couldn't control it, so he let them go, and they messed up.Today, when He Xiaopeng talked about the SKU issue in the media, he actually said that he should promote it internally. You are the chairman and CEO of the company!

3. How was this set of SKUs formed? Such a stupid SKU matrix will not be caused by stupid people, because none of the people who are at the top of the company are stupid, it can only be caused by conflicts of interest and blending.Simulate the design process of G9 SKU: At the product planning meeting, various departments (interior, battery, power, smart driving, audio, finance and sales, etc.) discussed how to combine and match. The battery department believes that 4C batteries are expensive and must be placed in high-end configurationThe interior department thinks that the interior designed by itself is a little weak, so it is disassembled into many pieces and bundled into various configurations; the intelligent driving department believes that ADS is the trump card, and the cancelled products must be equipped with XP 3.0 as standard and XP 4.0 as optional., and so on, a group of people have come up with a mentally retarded SKU because of their own interests.

Let's also mention marketing: Weibo big Vs, the big bun raccoon and Zhang Kangkang, went to promote Xiaopeng, and they all asked for it, even at their own expense; while NIOAnd the ideal several big V have received enough benefits; did Xiaopeng really save the publicity fee?No, when G9 went public, it actually found KOLs in the maternal and infant field to advertise. Weibo, Xueqiu, and Zhihu were full of Xiaopeng's food and water army.Xiaopeng's publicity and marketing department is likely to be stupid and bad, and has received a lot of rebates.

There are so many things, I can't say more. I thought that P5's failure was accidental, but I didn't expect G9 to make a fool of myself in public.After careful analysis, it is actually inevitable, it is a problem of management and people.

Back to the title: I think that the G9 that failed to go public may be the beginning of Xiaopeng's failure.

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