Priced from 309,900 yuan, how does the ultra-fast Xiaopeng G9 break the game?

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9月21日,定位“超快充全智能SUV”的小鹏G9正式上市,There are three battery life versions of the new car,包括570 G、570 E、702 E、650 E性能版、650 X性能版、650 X上市纪念版,共六款车型.新车售价30.99-46.99万元,将于10月底开始正式交付.

“经历了创业的8年, 经过3款产品的技术积累,G9终于能够做到把全新的智能化平台、电动化平台跟整车平台,完美耦合在一起,形成全新一代的旗舰.”Chairman of Xiaopeng MotorsCEO何小鹏看来,G9拥有傲视同侪的充电速度、行业首个全场景智能辅助驾驶系统、超越经典的智能双腔空悬、开创性的5DVarious product advantages such as music cockpit experience.

Based on these product advantages,He Xiaopeng is also generousG9贴上了“The benchmark of the era”、“Smart cars are the last generation before driverless cars”的标签,bolder predictions“小鹏G9It is expected to achieve continuous monthly sales in the future1万 ”.

是的,This Xiaopeng has achieved,Now there are some difficult sales targets,亟需G9come to break.而G9The biggest weapon in hand,It is the set that represents the supercharge system and intelligence respectively“月牙刺”.



车身尺寸方面,G9的长宽高分别为4891mm/1937mm/1680mm,轴距2998mm.Not only the body size is large enough,而且G9的后排有效腿部空间达1016mm,膝部空间118mm,优于多数竞品车型.后备箱容积达660L,后排座椅放倒后可进一步扩大到1576L.



不过G9The biggest highlight is not the battery life,It's about charging speed.As the fastest charging luxury electric car in the world,G9It is equipped with the first mass-produced car terminal in China800V高压SiC平台,4C版本的车型峰值功率达430kW,配合小鹏S4超快充桩可实现充电5分钟,续航200km,从10%充到80%最快仅需15分钟;标配的3C车型,从10%充到80%最快也仅需要20分钟,领先行业水平.

当然,Charging fast is one thing,Whether the charging network can keep up is another matter.

据悉,In order to build a supplementary system faster,今年8月,小鹏S4The first super fast charging pile has already landed in Guangzhou,9月21The day of listing will be in Beijing、上海、广州、深圳、武汉新增投运6座S4超快充站.未来,小鹏将进一步完善超快充网络铺设,今年内计划在全国核心城市投运超过50座S4超快充站,明年预计增加投运超过500座超快充站,而到2025年,希望可以实现累计投运超过2000座超快充站.

另外,G9搭载的800VThe advantage of the high pressure platform is that,It can be backward compatible with third-party charging piles,而且充电效率明显优于400V平台的车型.



而G9的突破,It is to achieve from“单点功能”的累积到“全局智能”的全面跃升.

一方面,G9首次将MIMO多音区技术应用在车载语音系统,行业首创“全车全时”语音交互,实现小P全程待命,Multiple people can chat with people and vehicles at the same time,并且,Utilize local computing power,G9Even in weak networks、无网条件下也可语音控制600多项车辆功能.

同时,G9还采用双14.96英寸全触控2K高清联屏,基于Unity引擎技术开发并量产了行业首个3D 人机交互系统.The interactive system is capable of real-time rendering3D地图,并提供更广阔细致的SR环境模拟显示,增强人机共驾的安全性.


尤其是G9的X版车型,It is a doubleNVIDIA DRIVE Orin超级计算平台,总算力达到508 TOPS.感知系统由31个感知元件组成.其中,800万像素前向双目摄像头可以很好地实现目标物区分与距离冗余识别;双激光雷达带来180°水平视角覆盖范围,车前布局方案有效减小垂直视角盲区,能够更好应对各种城市复杂工况.

10个优势9A top match?

As the flagship product of the current Xiaopeng family,It is also the second model of XiaopengSUV产品,小鹏G9Not only shoulders the responsibility of brand upward,At the same time, it is also responsible for opening the high-end for XiaopengSUVresponsibility of the market.

从产品力方面来看,G9The hard power is still relatively prominent,Even in the face of WeilaiES6、比亚迪唐EV、宝马IX3和特斯拉Model Y、问界M5Pure electricity and other opponents,G9Also available in motor power、It has its own advantages in terms of torque and cruising range,It also has the longest wheelbase、New platforms and better assisted driving capabilities that other products do not have.

市场方面,At present, the domestic electric vehicle market is developing rapidly,但从销量分布来看,It is still mainly based on entry-level economical products,The high-end pure electric market is still a relatively blank market segment.乘联会发布的数据显示,今年8月,30The sales volume of pure electric vehicles above 10,000 yuan is 56,003辆,share in the pure electric market14.12%;今年1-8月,30Sales of pure electric vehicles over 10,000 yuan are 320,446辆,占比仅12.8%.

这也意味着,True high-end electric vehicles have yet to be recognized by consumers.

事实上,The charging anxiety of new energy vehicles is always unavoidable,This is the main factor restricting the development of the high-end pure electric market at this stage.对于消费者而言,In the same situation as having charging anxiety,Low-end pure electric vehicles are a better choice,After all, it is difficult for most families to afford high-end pure electric vehicles“试错”成本.

而G9The fast charging technology it has,This is the core point of Xiaopeng's breakthrough in the high-end pure electric market.正如何小鹏所言,“As long as the charging experience is as good as refueling,Users will surely enter the era of pure electricity with peace of mind.”

但需要注意的是,G9的最大卖点4C超快充电池包,Only the best650 X一款车型可选装,这也意味着G9The main models of the future are still equipped3C电池.另外G9The other highlights of the company also have a low threshold.

G9目前推出了3款选装包,分别是2.2万元的5D音乐座舱、2.8万元的XNGP辅助驾驶以及1万元的4C超快充电池包.Not only are battery pack options limited,其他的也有.

具体来看,仅四驱版本配备双腔空气弹簧;仅X版车型标配5D音乐座舱、XNGP辅助驾驶;最低配车型570 G不提供任何选装包,没有ACC、LCC;次低配车型570 E仅提供5D音乐座舱选装包;702 E车型可选装5D音乐座舱、XNGP辅助驾驶,可单选也可都选;650 E 车型选装5D音乐座舱、XNGP辅助驾驶,只可二选一.

显然,The product advantages that Xiaopeng advertised at the beginning,30.99Most of the entry-level models of Wan do not have it.基于此,Consumers also have to consider one or two when choosing,And this is likely to beG9A major hindrance to sales.

目前,Consumers are also quite critical of this optional model.昨晚G9发布会结束,美股大跌,小鹏汽车跌11.55%,蔚来跌10.34%,理想汽车跌8.84%,从消息面上来看,G9的上市,It does not seem to stimulate Xiaopeng.

此时,对于小鹏而言,Perhaps the point is no longer thereG9本身,而是如何利用G9的优势,Maximize market competitiveness.毕竟,总的来说,G9还是比较值得期待的.

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