In-depth analysis of why deep learning is done with python instead of java or c++

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  1. Python is an interpreted language, which makes writing programs more convenient.For example, to write a matrix multiplication in a compiled language such as C, you need to allocate operands (matrixes), allocate memory for the result, manually call gemm to the BLAS interface, and finally reclaim the memory space manually if the smart pointer is not used.Python is almost a matter of import numpy; two sentences.Update (2015-5-7): Of course, many C/C++-oriented libraries now support managed memory management, which makes the development process much easier, but interpreted languages ​​still have inherent advantages—no compilation time required.This is very beneficial to the work efficiency of machine learning, a research direction that requires a lot of prototyping and iteration.(Benefits for readers at the end of the article)

  2. Python's development ecosystem is mature, and there are many very useful libraries available.In addition to NumPy mentioned above, there are also SciPy, NLTK, os (built-in) and so on.Python's flexible syntax also makes it very easy and efficient to implement very practical functions including text manipulation and list/dict comprehension (high writing and running efficiency), and it is even more convenient to use with lambda.This is also one of the reasons behind Python's benign ecology.In contrast, although Lua is also an interpreted language, even with the blessing of an artifact such as LuaJIT, it is difficult for itself to be like Python. One is because the predecessor of Python occupies the market share, and the other is because of its various abnormal common (such as global variables).However, with the help of Lua-Python bridge and Torch, Lua seems to be rising parasiticly.

  3. Easy to write programs is very important for people doing machine learning.Because it is often necessary to make various modifications to , this is likely to be a matter of affecting the whole body in a compiled language, and it can usually be implemented in very little time in Python.

  4. Python's efficiency is not bad.The development of interpreted languages ​​has far exceeded the imagination of many people.Many syntactic sugars such as list comprehension are implemented close to the kernel.In addition to JIT[1], there are other methods that can greatly increase operating efficiency.Finally, thanks to the Python-to-C interface, many efficient and Python-friendly libraries like gnumpy and theano can speed up the running of the program. With the support of a strong team, these libraries may be more efficient than an unskilled programmer.The efficiency of C writing and tuning for one month is even higher.

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