SpringBoot Scenario Development Generalist Growth Manual

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Booklet Introduction

The Power of SpringBoot

The power of SpringBoot is self-evident. Its underlying SpringFramework's powerful IOC container and AOP mechanism, coupled with SpringBoot's automatic assembly, make SpringBoot the most popular and widely used basic technology in JavaEE development today.

However, if there is only the addition of automatic assembly, SpringBoot may not be enough to attract the vast majority of JavaEE developers. More importantly, SpringBoot's powerful third-party technology integration capabilities.SpringBoot's powerful starter scenario launcher mechanism, relying on the underlying integration capabilities of SpringFramework itself, has laid a strong foundation for the rapid integration of third-party technologies, which enables SpringBoot to take over the popularity of SpringFramework andexpand further.

Only SpringBoot is not enough

From the perspective of actual project development, most projects will more or less use some third-party technologies during development, and these technologies must be integrated into our projects to play their role.When applications built based on SpringBoot integrate these technologies, it is because of its powerful mechanism support that we do not need to spend too much energy on integration.How to integrate these third-party technologies, and what are the functions of these third-party technologies, this is what we will focus on in this booklet.

Not only breadth, but also depth

If you have read the catalog of the brochure, you will find that the distribution of each chapter includes not only the technical use and SpringBoot integration, but also the explanation of automatic assembly and core components. This is also Axiong's consistent style: know itsOf course, I know more about why.Why SpringBoot can easily integrate these third-party technologies, what is done at the bottom layer, and which components are registered are what we need to understand and explore.If you understand these, you will find that SpringBoot is easier to understand when integrating third-party technologies, and you can better get started with other third-party technologies (even if it is unfamiliar), and even encapsulate some self-developed technologies andWhen encapsulating SpringBoot, it can also be done easily and freely, which can be said to serve multiple purposes!

What will you learn?

Considering the techniques commonly used in current project development, after careful consideration by Axiong, he decided to explain the following contents:

  • Unit testing solution: JUnit
  • Data layer solution:
    • MyBatis
    • Spring Data JPA
    • MongoDB
  • Cache solution:
    • Redis
    • Spring Cache
    • j2cache
  • Privilege security solution: SpringSecurity
  • Message middleware solution: RocketMQ
  • Timed task solution:
    • Quartz
    • Xxl-job
  • Online documentation solution: Swagger
  • Monitoring solution: Actuator + SpringBootAdmin

Suitable crowd

Since the core content of this booklet is scene integration and corresponding principle analysis, this booklet is suitable for:

  • Developers using SpringBoot;
  • Partners who need to understand the integration of specific third-party technologies and SpringBoot;
  • Explorers who are interested in third-party technology integration mechanisms;
  • Partners who are interested in in-depth exploration of the SpringBoot integration ecology;

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