"Docker Basics: 3. Docker Common Commands" includes help startup commands, mirroring commands, and mirroring to create containers, which is the fundamental premise (download a CentOS or ubuntu mirror demo), container commands, and a small summary

https://img blog.csdnimg.cn/40915293d241490ab61b0b5d37e54975.jpeg pic center 文章目录 3.Docker常用命令 3Docker 2 3.1帮助启动类命令 31 5 3.2镜像命令 32 8 3.3有镜像才能创建容器,这是根本前提 下载一个CentOS或者ubuntu镜像演示 33CentOSubuntu 34 3.4容器命令 34 41 3.4.1新建+启动容器 341 44 3.4.2列出当前所有正在运行的容器 34...

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Remember to configure the expiration time of @Cacheable (Redis specifies the expiration time of certain Cache Keys)

All configurations should be specified before the RedisCacheManager is generated (in the Builder). The following code is the code to specify the default configuration of the Builder and the configuration of certain keys: // Configure serialization (t...

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Springcloud gateway gateway+authentication service+token mode, entrance layer authentication unified microservice authentication [design practice]

目录 背景 %E8%83%8C%E6%99%AF 实现 %E5%AE%9E%E7%8E%B0 gateway gateway maven配置 maven%E9%85%8D%E7%BD%AE yml配置 yml%E9%85%8D%E7%BD%AE 页面登录拦截配置类 %E9%A1%B5%E9%9D%A2%E7%99%BB%E5%BD%95%E6%8B%A6%E6%88%AA%E9%85%8D%E7%BD%AE%E7%B1%BB 白名单配置 %E7%99%BD%E5%90%8D%E5%8D%95%E...

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[Deployment] Deploy the back-end project to the Pagoda Linux cloud server Java SpringBoot

Article directory 1. Configuring the pagoda 1 4 2. Configuring the java file 2 java 22 2.1 application.yml 21 applicationyml 24 2.2 web config mapping root path address 22 web config 32 2.3 Solving cross-domain problems 23 37 3. Uploading database 3 ...

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Spring common annotation analysis

Work together to create and grow together This is the 5th day of my participation in the "Nuggets Daily New Project · August Update Challenge", click to view the event details' ' Spring annotation analysis [email protected] ordinary string // directly convert...

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Docker quickly builds a PHP+Nginx+Mysql environment and steps on the pit diary

I am participating in the 5th edition of the Nuggets Creator Training Camp, click for details of the event' ' Prepare to create a directory mkdir p /Users/mwqnice/Documents/Program/phpProgram mkdir p /Users/mwqnice/Documents/Program/docker/php/php7.1...

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[Java Interview] After 7 years of work, I went to the byte interview and turned around on this question. Could you please tell me your understanding of the time wheel?

Hello everyone, I'm Mic, a Java programmer who has no talent and can only rely on his looks.A programmer who has worked for 7 years, went to the byte interview and was asked the question of the time wheel.He came back from the interview and told me t...

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mac Maven error No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE rat

1. Maybe the java environment variables are not matched, reconfigure the input command: [/usr/libexec/java home V], check the default jdk installation path address (the green underline is the jdk default path) (Note *️: command lineThe terminal is ca...

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Redis basis

Fast reason: storage memory, io multiplexing, single thread; 1. Five basic data structures: string, list, hash, set, zset 5.0 adds stream string underlying data structure: dynamic string sds, redis is developed based on c,The character array is char,...

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JAVA based - 11 - encapsulated inherited polymorphism - nine five small jean-marie le pen

1. Encapsulation In object-oriented programming methods, encapsulation (English: Encapsulation) refers to a method of wrapping and hiding the implementation details of an abstract functional interface.Encapsulation can be thought of as a protective b...

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Hardcore!The internal manual "MySQL Notes" written by the technical director of Ali is really strong

There are thousands of skills, and hard power is the key.The SQL language used by MySQL is the most commonly used standardized language for accessing databases.MySQL software adopts a dual-authorization policy, which is divided into community version...

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Java Data Structures and Algorithms Lesson 9 - Sorting

1: Some concepts in sorting Sorting: The so-called sorting is the operation of arranging a series of records in increasing or decreasing order according to the size of one or some keywords.Stability: Assuming that there are multiple records with the ...

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How Spring solves the circular dependency problem

1. What is Circular Dependency Circular dependency problem refers to: the dependency relationship between classes forms a closed loop, which will lead to the generation of circular dependency problems.For example, class A depends on class B, class B ...

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[Written in the romantic moment of Qixi Lang] The solution for obtaining data when encountering http codes 206 and 302 in Go

The Qixi Festival is obviously a day worthy of joy and celebration, but as programmers, if we want to play freely and let go of the fun, the premise is to do the work at hand well. Therefore, this article aims to solve the problems of programmer stud...

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Data Structure ----- Quick Sort

​ ​​ ​​ ​ Quick Sort Activity Address: CSDN 21-Day Learning Challenge Directory 1. Quick Sort 8 1.1 Concept 11 9 1.2 Search Process 12 13 1.3 Code Demonstration 13 23 1.3.1 131 24 1.3.2 132 31 1.3.3 13338 1.3.4 134 47 1.3.5 135 53 1.4 Code testing 14...

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Create Nginx docker container reverse proxy https

Nginx server network configuration, the reverse proxy can easily this paper records using Nginx containers for reverse proxy HTTPS service method.Preliminary knowledge Nginx usage/docker usage/SSL/HTTPS SSL/HTTPS SSL certificate SSH cert/gen SSH cert...

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Docker - way to modify folder mapping

After Docker has established a container, the configuration is not easy to modify. This article records the method of modifying the folder mapping of the established container.Background The container has been established, and the initial port mappin...

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SSL/TLS protocol operating mechanism in https protocol

The HTTPS protocol has higher security, relative to the HTTP configuration when you need to specify the domain name of SSL certificates, in additional USES TLS handshake, briefly described in this paper, the two.HTTPS HTTPS (full name: the Hyper Text...

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What is the certificate chain of trust for HTTPS?Can't you publish it yourself?

Internet application of network communication is usually via HTTP, but HTTP is expressly transmission, easy to leak information, so most applications will be upgraded to HTTPS.HTTP is the underlying use TCP transport, HTTPS is between TCP and HTTP ad...

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Chapter 24 How much do you know about proxy knowledge in Spring AOP

第 1 集 你知道动态代理和静态代理吗 简介:讲解静态代理和动态代理   什么是代理  为某⼀个对象创建⼀个代理对象,程序不直接⽤原本的对象,⽽是由创建的代理对象来控制对原对象,通过代理类这中间⼀层,能有效控制对委托类对象的直接访问,也可以很好地隐藏和保护委托类对象,同时也为实施不同控制策略预留了空间 A B C  什么是静态代理 由程序创建或特定⼯具⾃动⽣成源代码,在程序运⾏前,代理类的.class⽂件就已经存在  什么是动态代理 在程序运⾏时,运⽤反射机制动态创建⽽成,⽆需⼿动编写代码 JD...

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  1. Nacos SpringBoot + + Kafka simple implementation service flow arrangements
  2. Seven common ways of writing the singleton design pattern
  3. Detailed explanation of SpringBoot tasks
  4. Cross compiling under Linux to generate windows program
  5. JavaSE methods recursive exercises 】 【 create and use of the array
  6. Use idea to create a multi-module Maven project (inheritance and dependencies between modules)
  7. [2] Java operation mode, program structure and notepad++
  8. Implementation of Permutation and Combination Algorithm in Java
  9. Object-Oriented Programming
  10. Spring AOP
  11. [Short Answer Questions] JavaWeb must ask 10 short answer questions
  12. Operation and maintenance practice - the latest Nginx binary build and compile lua-nginx-module dynamic link Lua script access Redis database read static resources implicit display
  13. [Java Interview] This Internet high-frequency interview question stumped 80% of programmers?When does the index expire?
  14. Spring Cloud Gateway integrates Nacos and Swagger to aggregate Api documents
  15. The get/post request tool (apifox/postman/browser) can request through but the java code can't solve the problem
  16. "Docker Basics: 2. Docker Installation" includes premise description, basic composition of Docker, Docker platform architecture diagram (architecture version), installation steps, Alibaba Cloud image acceleration, eternal HelloWorld, and underlying princi
  17. JavaScript Knowledge Point Review--(2) Advanced Functions
  18. Ubuntu encountered ERROR: configuration failed for package 'rJava' when installing xlsx package
  19. Example of using ElasticsearchRestTemplate in SpringBoot, (add, delete, modify, highlight, id, paginate, time range, and multi-condition queries)
  20. Openresty+nginx image server configuration, add http_image_filter_module module