Chapter 215 Aspect-Oriented Programming Spring AOP Actual Configuration

The first episode of Spring-based AOP to quickly realize general log printing "Part 1" Introduction: Basic preparation for actual Spring AOP configuration log printing Demand analysis: Three core packages for implementing log printing for the Videose...

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Linux Network Learning Part VII: Detailed Explanation of IP Protocol + Data Link Layer

The relationship between the IP protocol and the TCP protocol In the previous part, we talked about the sending and receiving of TCP in detail, but in fact the data is not directly sent from the transport layer TCP to the transport layer TCP buffer o...

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How to understand the memory analysis of executing another method in a JAVA method.

//In the stack, as long as a method is encountered, //A method stack will be reopened.Even if the method contains // another method, a method stack will be reopened.//Please tell me, the memory analysis of the parameters passed below.public class Mai...

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Chapter XXVIII Aspect-Oriented Programming of AOP Configuration Based on Spring Annotations

Episode 1 Introduction to Spring AOP Annotation Basic Preparation: Explaining the Basic Preparation of Spring AOP Annotation Declaring Aspect Class @Aspect Aspect: Usually a class that can define pointcuts and advice Configure entrypoints and advice ...

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Chapter 217 Play Spring5.X Xml configuration conversion to advanced annotation configuration

The first episode of spring's @Configuration and @Bean annotations defines third-party beans Introduction: Explain the use of @Configuration and @Bean annotations to annotate classes with @Configuration, which is equivalent to using this class as spr...

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Chapter 216 Play with Spring5.X Xml configuration conversion to annotation configuration

Episode 1 Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of XML and annotations in the way of using SpringThe company's xml configuration and annotation configuration are used together. The advantages of annotations: simple configuration and easy m...

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Advanced IO for Linux Learning: Five IO Models

Blocking IO (wait until it's good) https://img Non-blocking IO (keep saying hello or not) https://img Signal-driven IO (can be copiedto send me ...

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Advanced IO for Linux learning: the choice of I/O multiplexing

Select the select system call is used to make our program to monitor the state of the multiple file descriptor;Program will stop in the select here waiting, until the monitored file descriptor has one or more state changes have taken place in an exam...

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Dark horse mybatis practice projects into the parent project pom. XML blasting red solution

An error occurs in the repositories update of Maven configuration in IntelliJ IDEA Summary Holmes/article/details/109655616 The dark horse's mybatis project practice needs to import the parent project itcast parent. After importing, the parent projec...

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[kafka principle] Consumer offset __consumer_offsets_ related analysis

We found in the kafka log file that there are many more folders with consumer offsets; a total of 50; since Zookeeper is not suitable for frequent write operations in large batches, the new version of Kafka has recommended that the consumer offset in...

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[Spring Boot] The use of interceptors and common functions are uniformly packaged

Article directory 1. Interceptor 1 1 1.1 The use of interceptor 11 3 1.2 The principle of interceptor 12 12 2. User login permission verification 2 119 3. Unified exception handling 3 159 4. Unified data return format 4 222 1. Interceptor1.1 The use ...

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Resolve data structures - traversal and application of graphs

Resolve traversal and application spanning tree of data structure graph 62ee4bcb7e53333383.png?x oss process=image/watermark,size 14,text QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color FFFFFF,t 30,g se,x 10,y 10,shadow 20,type ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= figureKnowledge framework:...

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A user Logstash consumes Kafka data and writes ES to report an error, 'cannot be changed from type [long] to [text]' processing process

1. Introduction When a user consumes Kafka data through logstash and writes it to ES, an error is reported, which causes the data to fail to be written to ES.Reasons to be checked 1. The error message is as follows: Could not index event to Elasticse...

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Release an Android library to MavenCentral explanation

The relationship between Sonatype account MavenCentral and Sonatype Library platform Operator Management background MavenCentral Sonatype Therefore, if we want to publish Library to Maven Central, we first need Sonatype's account and...

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SpringBoot integrates MQTT for message notification

The realization of the simple springboot alerts MQTT

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An article to understand the stack in the Linux kernel processor architecture

Guide language: have spentI love the kernel network to build the most authoritative kernel technology sharing BBS address: the original article, read the Linux kernel processor architecture of the data I love kernel network stack is what?What role do...

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[Java from Zero to Architect Season 3] [49] Session Management - Token_ehcache

Continuing to learn and update... Shou Po Li [Java from Zero to Architect Season 3] [49] Session Management - Token ehcache based on Cookie, Session CookieSession 16 Based on Token Token 32 ehcache ehcache 46 Simple use 49 Project use: login, loginOu...

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How to cancel a request in JavaScript

As we all know, JavaScript implements asynchronous requests by relying on two APIs provided by browsers - XMLHttpRequest and Fetch.We usually use the Promise request library axios, which is based on XMLHttpRequest.This article brings how XMLHttpReque...

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[Dark Horse-SpringCloud Technology Stack] [01] Complete Microservice Technology Stack_Microservice Technology Comparison

Continuing to learn and keep updating... Shou Po Li [Dark Horse SpringCloud Technology Stack] [01] Complete Microservice Technology Stack Microservice Technology ComparisonServices 41 Microservice Technology Stack Evolution Explained 51 The Complete ...

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SpringCloud single sign-on

SpringCloud2021.0.0.5 Single sign-on Single sign-on (Single Sign On), referred to as SSO, is one of the more popular enterprise business integration solutions.SSO is defined in multiple application system, the users only need to log in to a can acces...

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  1. "Docker Basics: 3. Docker Common Commands" includes help startup commands, mirroring commands, and mirroring to create containers, which is the fundamental premise (download a CentOS or ubuntu mirror demo), container commands, and a small summary
  2. Remember to configure the expiration time of @Cacheable (Redis specifies the expiration time of certain Cache Keys)
  3. Springcloud gateway gateway+authentication service+token mode, entrance layer authentication unified microservice authentication [design practice]
  4. [Deployment] Deploy the back-end project to the Pagoda Linux cloud server Java SpringBoot
  5. Spring common annotation analysis
  6. Docker quickly builds a PHP+Nginx+Mysql environment and steps on the pit diary
  7. [Java Interview] After 7 years of work, I went to the byte interview and turned around on this question. Could you please tell me your understanding of the time wheel?
  8. mac Maven error No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you are running on a JRE rat
  9. Redis basis
  10. JAVA based - 11 - encapsulated inherited polymorphism - nine five small jean-marie le pen
  11. Hardcore!The internal manual "MySQL Notes" written by the technical director of Ali is really strong
  12. Java Data Structures and Algorithms Lesson 9 - Sorting
  13. How Spring solves the circular dependency problem
  14. [Written in the romantic moment of Qixi Lang] The solution for obtaining data when encountering http codes 206 and 302 in Go
  15. Data Structure ----- Quick Sort
  16. Create Nginx docker container reverse proxy https
  17. Docker - way to modify folder mapping
  18. SSL/TLS protocol operating mechanism in https protocol
  19. What is the certificate chain of trust for HTTPS?Can't you publish it yourself?
  20. Chapter 24 How much do you know about proxy knowledge in Spring AOP